1. Could I please have a reminder of the dates of the Dutch trip including rehearsal and concert dates as I am travelling independent and like to organise my accomodation.


    Adriana Perera

    • Hi Adriana

      The dates for the Dutch trip are:
      Rehearsal in Canterbury Wednesday November 22 Dutch trip singers only
      Leiden trip 24/26 November

      Best wishes, Ben

  2. Hi Ben,
    I paid my deposit some time ago, and would be grateful to know what, and when, more monies will be required please!
    Also do you have the traveling times yet please?
    Many thanks!

    • Dear Alison,
      I am sorry I haven’t replied to your message of the October last year to the canterburycantatamembers.org.uk website until now. We were overwhelmed with over 5000 spam messages and have only recently managed to sort this out.
      I assume the Leiden monies have been sorted out.
      Best wishes

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