Skylarks is a singing group for people with Parkinson's and friends. Founded by Roger Clayton and Grenville Hancox in 2010 it meets every two weeks at St Paul's Church, Church Street St Paul's, Canterbury CT1 1NH. It has become well known for its demanding and energetic activities and quality of choral sound. There is an increasing belief that singing is beneficial in countering some of the challenges faced by those with this condition. Skylarks has given concerts in Kent, appeared at two international conferences concerned with health and caring and featured worldwide on BBC news in 2011. 

See the following video clips:

Skylarks: Sing to beat Parkinson's

Singing in a choir 'brings both health and happiness'

 Skylarks meets every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. in 

St Paul's Church
Church Street St Paul's
Canterbury CT1 1NH. 

Please contact Roger Clayton if you would like more information about the benefits of Group Singing for People with Parkinson's.    

Skylarks heard in Chatham!

A new singing group has been formed in Chatham with help from two Kent charities. Medway Skylarks meets in the Pilkington Building of the University of Kent in Chatham Maritime every Saturday starting on 14th January 2017 and is part of a growing initiative to help those with a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s.


Skylarks celebrated its fourth birthday on March 4th 2014 with a wonderful session of singing attended by thirty one members of the choir. Coincidentally the BBC World Service broadcast one of the programmes made about the voice and its global impact through singing in many forms  during the night of March 4/5 featuring Skylarks, Grenville and Skylarks member Tony Lord, whose singing of 'Streets of London’ must be one of the most convincing demonstrations of the impact of singing for  People with Parkinson’s .

The Skylarks reference is at c 15 minutes…recommend the whole programme…stunning!