Shop guide

Guide to ordering Amici subscriptions and scores on-line

This guide describes the way we want to handle Amici subscriptions and the purchase of scores for the summer term. As far as is possible we would like you to use our web-based ordering system and online payments by credit card.  Why? To reduce the administrative burden on the Amici committee, to reduce the queues at the beginning of term, and to provide you with a record of your purchases.  We realise that five members do not have access to a computer or email, so they will continue use the old process of cheque in an envelope.  We also understand that a number of other members, while using the web and email, do not want to make online payments – as detailed below they should create the online order through the website, but opt to pay by cheque by specifying Check Payments (sorry about the American spelling).

Here is the process:

  1. Go to the Shop page on the members’ website at
  2. Select the items you want to purchase. These will include:
    1. Amici Chorus Subscription Summer 2019
    2. Concert Fund - extra contributions in multiples of £10 - you can choose as many as you like.
    3. Oxford Choral Classics - Opera Choruses
  3. You may order any combination of items, and you may order one or more of each. If you select multiple subs or copies of scores please enter the name of the other member(s) in the Order Notes box under Additional Information on the check-out page.
  4. At the check-out page
    1. login as a returning customer if you created an account the last time you ordered an item through the Members’ Shop using
      1. your email address or your username - the username will be the first part of your email address (before the “@”) or for committee members and voice part reps their first and last name without space (ie. BenKnox),
      2. if you have forgotten your password the login form has an option to reset it.
    2. enter your details below to create a new account. For the spring term some members purchased subscriptions without creating an account – this is no longer an option.
  5. If you are eligible for gift aid please tick the box on the check out page. For Amici subs about £5.60 can be claimed by the Trust from HMRC.
  6. To make your payment:
    1. If you are paying online please select PayPal at the bottom of the check-out page and on the following page select Check Out as Guest.
    2. If you are paying by cheque please select Check Payments at the bottom of the check-out page and hand in your cheque at the next rehearsal.
  7. You can view previous orders by going to the Shop/My Account page and logging in with the username/email address and password you set up in step (4).