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Payments are made via PayPal, either through a PayPal account or directly from your credit card without enrolling into PayPal.  You will receive a receipt from both the Canterbury Cantata Trust and PayPal.  Please bring your receipt to the first rehearsal just in case there are problems - this is very new to us!  You will need to following the steps shown below.  You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

  1. Select the item you want to purchase by clicking Add to cart lower down this page.

  2. View cart

  3. Check details and Proceed to Checkout
  4. Checkout
    Enter your details. The fields with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.  Click box to agree to Gift Aid (if appropriate). At the bottom of the screen click the PayPal button for on-line payment.  If you click the Check Payments box you will have to pay by a normal cheque, which you must hand in at the first rehearsal.
    Then click Proceed to PayPal.

  5. You do not have to log into PayPal.  You don't need to have a PayPal account.  You can pay from your own credit card. Check Out as a Guest
    (The reason my email address etc are show is because PayPal knows that I do have an existing PayPal account.  You do not have to login to PayPal)

  6. Enter the details of you credit card, billing address and contact information.  You don't need to create a PayPal account so click No Thanks. Click to agree to PayPal terms and conditions.
    Click the Pay Now button.  And that's it!!!