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Canterbury Festival flash mob cancelled

Looking forward to the next rehearsal and still encouraging orchestral players sponsorship.

A message below from Ellen Pearson cancelling the flash mob event as part of Canterbury Festival opening.


Thank you so much for your continued commitment to the event – however unfortunately the flash mob is postponed due to a limited level of participation ! (Nothing to do with The Amici Chorus of course) and therefore the Amici Chorus needn’t learn the score at this moment – but I’m so thankful for the generosity of your members in volunteering to be part of the event.
Hopefully, Canterbury festival will be able to collaborate with Amici at a later date!
Many thanks again for your help and the welcoming nature of the singers in your ensemble,
Best wishes,
Ellen Pearson

Amici rehearsal September 27th

Cari Amici,
A  lovely rehearsal  last Wednesday full of energy. Tomorrow we will start with Osanna , the Allegro section as the conclusion of VI Benedictus, followed by revision of Dies Irae.
We will rehearse Torches  from The Armed Man followed by revision.
No 6 Notes Hymn Before Action
The s in all words needs clear articulation, supported well and with the  sound pushing right against the start of the next word avoiding a staggered s.
Bar 12 Path as late as possible in the bar up against the first beat of the next bar ...which is a quiver rest.
Thunders b 18 Emphasise the Th sound of the word , s  treated as before and the d of Lord  and God  clearly enunciated.
B 35 Seek  k clearly pronounced  as too t of Grant bar 45.
We will rehearse no 7 Charge.
Twenty four voices (balanced numbers of stab)  or more for Flash Chorus to sing Toreadors Chorus from Carmen  on Saturday October 14 a.m., as part of opening day of Canterbury Festival.
More generous orchestra sponsors for November 11. The orchestra for Jenkins is 59 in total.
Looking forward to tomorrow's rehearsal .

Monday Music – Oct 9th rehearsal cancelled

Dear All,
It’s lovely to be back at Monday music. Look forward to seeing you on Monday, 25thSeptember
Unfortunately Grenville,Phil and Nicola will be unable to do Monday, 9th October,so there will be no Monday music singing on that day.
Best wishes   Maggie

September 20th rehearsal

Cari Amici,
Looking forward to the rehearsal tomorrow following last weeks excellent revision and further learning of Mozart Communio  (no VIII p 72 Bärenreiter  edition)
Please make sure your scores are marked as follows;
b. 8 Lux …x sound emphasised
b.9 Soprano line to ring out over three underlying voices.
b.10 Luce …. loo chay 
b.14  es  long  ’s’ sound  against second beat of bar
b.16 onwards  Requiem     rr sound …rolling r
b 31.  Cum sanctions  Allegro, energetic, articulated answering phrase to recapitulated subject
b.63 developing crescendo  to support conclusion of this section with soprano entry b70.
Tomorrow September 20th
Revision of  Agnus Dei, Communio, Introitus,  Kyrie
Jenkins      p.20 Piu Mosso  Christe eleison
 Angry Flames    p 70
Thanks to growing number of orchestral  sponsors. Spaces still for more!
Remember…£80 , gift aided with two comp tickets.
Canterbury Festival opening flash mob…..more details tomorrow…. Amici singers wanted for opening community day.
Details tomorrow
A demain