Monday Music mailing list

I am updating Monday Music’s mailing list and would be grateful if you will confirm that you wish to remain on the list.
This applies to current and past members.
Many thanks.
Maggie Smith
Membership secretary

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    • Dear David
      I am sorry I haven’t replied to your message from the website until now. We were overwhelmed with over 5000 spam messages and have only recently managed to sort this out.
      I can see that you are on the Amici mailing list. I have added you to Monday Music.
      I notice that your email address. In the mailing list it is Whereas it now appears to be Can you confirm the latter is correct?
      Best wishes

  1. Dear Ben
    I am not sure if I replied or not? But the latter address is the right one although the other one works two. I am afraid that I won’t be able to make the rehearsal on the 5th of March as it is my nieces 21st Birthday!! Regards and Apologies!
    David Jones

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