Amici Scores: Messiah and Brahms German Requiem

Scores will be available for you to pick up on Wednesday.

Prices are: Messiah £8 and Brahms £7. A total of £15 if you have asked for both. 

Please have the right money if you are  paying in cash as we are unable to give change.

Best of all is if you pay by cheque...made payable to Canterbury Cantata Trust. This makes it easier for Steph to pay the money in

Many thanks and see you Wednesday


Leiden trip information

Re the Leiden trip there are one or two things to sort out:

1. Two people have cancelled and unless we fill their places they will not get their money back ... if you would like to join us please let Maggie know as soon as possible.  Please note that there are  two places vacant but only one room ... so you must be willing to share a twin room.

2.The information sheet for the Leiden trip can be viewed and downloaded by clicking this link.

3. Please can Leiden people take a photocopy of their passports which they should take with them but keep in a separate bag ... this will make it easier if passports get lost.

4. The hotel and our Dutch friends need to know in advance if anybody has special dietary requirements (eg Vegetarian, gluten free etc.) - please inform Maggie