Message from Grenville

Cari Amici,

I do hope that you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a wonderful summer. We have had a very interesting time in France sheltering from the relentless sunshine and praying for rain…to date none has arrived. I very much look forward to our first rehearsal together on the 28 th September and thank Kerry for beginning the Bach journey tomorrow.

Please encourage as many of your friends to join/ rejoin Amici. Bach.’s extraordinary  St Matthew Passion is magnificent, challenging and moving and at times requires two choruses to produce question and answer responses to to allow the drama to unfold. The performance will take place from 15.00 on April 9th 2017.

Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque

The 75 th season of Canterbury Music Club begins in Monday 26th September when Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque present a magnificent programme of music. Rachel is possibly one of the worlds greatest violinists and this is a rare opportunity to see and listen to her other than in London, New York or Bejing!

Although tickets are available at the door (£15.00) you may wish to ensure that you can get in by booking on-line either through the web-site , or directly at  There is no extra charge for on-line booking.


Vivaldi, Antonio: Sonata ‘fatto per il Maestro Pisendel’ for Violin and continuo in C minor

Tartini, Giuseppe: Sonata for Violin and continuo in A minor op 2 no 5


Pisendel, Johann Georg: Sonata for Violin and harpsichord in C minor

de Albero, Sebastian: Recercata V C minor

Scarlatti, Giuseppe Domenico: Sonata in C minor, K58

Veracini, Francecsco Maria: Sonata No. 12 for violin and continuo in D minor from Sonate Accademiche, Op. 2 no 12

Please tell your friends. She is extraordinary and wonderful!

All best wishes


Amici re: March 23rd concert

25th March 2016

Cari Amici, 

Many thanks to all who sang last Wednesday evening to bid the term farewell. It was such a lovely event, full of warm friendship and good singing! ….. and thanks to every one who helped before and after the evening. Excellent hot cross buns purchased, buttered; wine sourced, opened, poured; chairs fetched and returned . Thank you! The hot cross bun and wine event (a first I think?) which followed allowed for interesting conversations about four years past and years ahead of us.

 I am so happy that Kerry will take you cari Amici on an interesting and fulfilling musical journey over the next few months. I look forward to a recording of the Rutter and Jenkins at the end of next term.

 Three dates of great importance for forward planning to avoid clashes:

 December 21 2016. Christmas concert at St Paul’s Church and at the Colyer Fergusson Hall:

 January 21 2017. Canterbury Cantata Trust concert Sharing singing Caring singing 

April 9 2017. Amici and Cantata Bach St Matthew Passion

Please tell every one what a wonderful choir you are, how welcoming we are, how adventurous we are. Also ensure as many people know about the dates above to ensure no clashes with other choral groups (metaphorically and literally!)

 Have a lovely Easter 


Amici rehearsal news

March 15th 2016

Cari Amici,

A very energetic rehearsal last week! Congratulations on your continued engagement with such challenging music. More of the same tomorrow:

  • Bernstein
  • Parry
  • Finzi
  • Faure
  • Lauridsen.

We will start at 17.30 promptly and finish at 19.00 as I have an orchestral/choral rehearsal of Bach St John Passion following.

 A wonderful song recital at Canterbury Music Club on Thursday (17th)…St Gregory’s at 19.454., Sarah jane Lewis, winner of the Kathleen Ferrier award with the wonderful Simon Lepper. 

 You will all be aware of the sad news that Sir Peter Maxwell Davies died on Monday. A great friend, it was such a privilege to welcome him into the Music Department at  Canterbury Christ Church University and work alongside him for so many years. He was inspirational, humble and generous with his time and advice to students who had the fortune to be touched by his genius.


Amici rehearsal news

March 8th 2016

Cari Amici,

Another splendid rehearsal last week and looking forward to Wednesday’s rehearsal in advance of our end of term celebration on March 23rd. This will be friendly and informal … a snap shot of what we are rehearsing. Please invite a friend or two to come and listen!

 Remember a page is available for you to down load and print music that we can use all of which is out of copyright and in the public domain. Please go to the Members page where you can download the music.

 We will rehearse:

  • Bernstein
  • Parry
  • Lauridsen
  • Fauré
  • Mozart

If you do not have a copy of Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine, please print one for this Wednesday rehearsal and a reminder that we will hold an extra rehearsal on Tuesday March 22 at 17.30.

 Look forward …….don’t forget your tickets for Bach St John Passion 


Amici rehearsal news

February 29th 2016

Cari Amici,

 A splendid rehearsal last week and look forward to Wednesday’s rehearsal in advance of our end of term celebration on March 23rd. Please make every effort to be at all rehearsals and please do let me know via Vicky if it is impossible for you to be at a rehearsal. I would always do the same in reverse!!

Thanks to Ben Knox a page is available for you to download and print music that we can use all of which is out of copyright and in the public domain. Please go to the web site Members Page where you can download the music.

If you do not have a copy of Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine, please print one for Wednesday rehearsal on March 2nd.

Similarly should you be missing Mozart and Parry those are there too.

Thanks Ben!

Look forward to Wednesday … and don’t forget your tickets for Bach St John Passion.

 You can also view the Members’ Update for February 2016 on the web site, again under Members Pages.



Amici – Rehearsal details

February 11th 2016

Cara Amici,

A lovely rehearsal yesterday full  of determined energy and willingness to meet the differing challenges of such wonderful music. Thank  you!

 Thank you too for demonstrating your extraordinary generosity for KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network) following the rehearsal. The bucket revealed a total of £182.30 … our strap line caring through singing made manifest.

 A reminder that we will rehearse next on Wednesday 24 February. The end of this choral term will be on March 23 when at 18.00 we will welcome friends to present  a choral snapshot of work in hand and works revisited. We will be joined by Alex Ryder, harp, in Bernstein Chichester Psalms. I propose that we have an extra rehearsal on Tuesday March 22 17.30/19.00.

The summer term begins on April 20 and full details will be posted at a later date with regard to additional repertoire to be rehearsed. I am delighted that we will welcome Kerry Boyle as director in my absence.

This Sunday, February 14, David Rees Williams gives  a very special piano recital as part of Canterbury Music Club programme. (

Please can I ask you and to encourage your friends and acquaintances to experience Cantata  choir ( 28 voices) Bach St John Passion on March 20 at the Colyer  Fergusson Hall.  For details and poster please go to the Events/Coming Soon page.

 All best wishes


Amici – Change of rehearsal venue

February 8th 2016

Cara Amici 

A reminder that we are rehearsing this Wednesday in St Andrews Church, Watling Street, Canterbury at the usual time of 17.30. 

The end of term celebration on March 23rd will be an opportunity for you to invite a friend to come and listen to where we are at present with Bernstein, Parry, and Lauridsen and also remember where we have been with Schubert, Mozart, Vivaldi and others. So look out your scores of

  • Schubert Mass in G
  • Faure Cantique de Jean Racine
  • Mozart Ave Verum Corpus

See you all on Wednesday.


Amici change of rehearsal venue

February 4th 2016

Cara Amici, 

A reminder that next weeks rehearsal, February 10th, will take place in St Andrews Church, as there is an Ash Wednesday service taking place in St Paul’s.

February 10. Same start time of 17.30; different venue St Andrews  Church, Watling Street.

 Half term break 17th February. No rehearsal.


Amici – Welcome to new singing year

January 15th 2016

Cari Amici, 

A new singing year underway this week, every Canterbury Cantata Trust group in fine form. Sixty four Monday Music singers made their aural mark on Monday morning attracting three people to drop into St Paul’s to see what was going on. New members from New Romney, Folkestone and Herne Bay welcomed into the fold.

Pimlico Skylarks met on Monday and Canterbury Skylarks on Tuesday defying heavy rain and windy conditions and again welcoming new members. The Sounds Beaney December outings of Monday Music and Skylarks sparked interest from new singers and we look forward to being back in the Beaney soon. At Pimlico, Kevin our resident poet, read his tribute to the late Jane D’Angelo a founder member of Pimlico Skylarks. His touching work will appear on the website soon.

 Amici similarly welcomed new members into what now feels like a choral family…102 present at Wednesday’s inaugural sortie into the music of Bernstein and Parry. Next week we will have the final page of the Parry(!) and also copies of the next new piece,Lauridsen O Nata Lux. A very exciting rehearsal and testament to Amici’s willingness to test and experience new waters.

Following the Amici rehearsal Cantata began work on Bach St John Passion, which must be one of the greatest artistic creations known to man. The chamber group will only be circa twenty eight singers joined by a group of young soloists for the performance in Colyer Fergusson Hall on March 20.We are delighted to be working with David Rees Williams and Julia Vohralick ( cello) as the continuo.  

In the week that saw the world mourn the passing of David Bowie we are reminded  of the centrality and power of singing in most people’s lives, something we know and demonstrate each and every week but without global media coverage.

 Advanced notice:

Roshna Ahmad will be leading a wine tasting evening on Saturday March 5 th in St Paul’s Church Hall. Maximum numbers limited to 40 with tickets on sale at £15. 

Looking forward to next week.



If you had problems downloading the Gift Aid form, Ben has changed the way this is handled on the web site.  Go to the Amici page and try again.

 There will be a candle lit concert with the Langton Boys’ Chamber Choir at St Dustan’s church this Saturday.  Details on the web site events page.