Amici rehearsal September 27th

Cari Amici,
A  lovely rehearsal  last Wednesday full of energy. Tomorrow we will start with Osanna , the Allegro section as the conclusion of VI Benedictus, followed by revision of Dies Irae.
We will rehearse Torches  from The Armed Man followed by revision.
No 6 Notes Hymn Before Action
The s in all words needs clear articulation, supported well and with the  sound pushing right against the start of the next word avoiding a staggered s.
Bar 12 Path as late as possible in the bar up against the first beat of the next bar ...which is a quiver rest.
Thunders b 18 Emphasise the Th sound of the word , s  treated as before and the d of Lord  and God  clearly enunciated.
B 35 Seek  k clearly pronounced  as too t of Grant bar 45.
We will rehearse no 7 Charge.
Twenty four voices (balanced numbers of stab)  or more for Flash Chorus to sing Toreadors Chorus from Carmen  on Saturday October 14 a.m., as part of opening day of Canterbury Festival.
More generous orchestra sponsors for November 11. The orchestra for Jenkins is 59 in total.
Looking forward to tomorrow's rehearsal .

September 20th rehearsal

Cari Amici,
Looking forward to the rehearsal tomorrow following last weeks excellent revision and further learning of Mozart Communio  (no VIII p 72 Bärenreiter  edition)
Please make sure your scores are marked as follows;
b. 8 Lux …x sound emphasised
b.9 Soprano line to ring out over three underlying voices.
b.10 Luce …. loo chay 
b.14  es  long  ’s’ sound  against second beat of bar
b.16 onwards  Requiem     rr sound …rolling r
b 31.  Cum sanctions  Allegro, energetic, articulated answering phrase to recapitulated subject
b.63 developing crescendo  to support conclusion of this section with soprano entry b70.
Tomorrow September 20th
Revision of  Agnus Dei, Communio, Introitus,  Kyrie
Jenkins      p.20 Piu Mosso  Christe eleison
 Angry Flames    p 70
Thanks to growing number of orchestral  sponsors. Spaces still for more!
Remember…£80 , gift aided with two comp tickets.
Canterbury Festival opening flash mob…..more details tomorrow…. Amici singers wanted for opening community day.
Details tomorrow
A demain

Cari Amici September 12 2017

Cari Amici September 12 2017

Cari Amici,
Very much looking forward too the first of ten rehearsals for our next spectacular concert to be given on Saturday November 11.
A reminder of the  schedule as posted in June

Wednesday September 13, 20 , 27
Wednesday October 4,11,18,25
Wednesday November 1, 8,
Friday November 10 **

Saturday November 11
Seating rehearsal 11.30 * Colyer Fergusson Hall
Orchestral rehearsal 14.00*
Chorus and Orchestra 15.00-17.30*

Performance 19.30

*There may be some adjustments these times

**Please keep this date free should it be needed


HELP needed  to finance this concert! It is the most ambitious in terms of orchestral forces to date …for the Jenkins we need an orchestra of c 60 musicians  ( percussion section of six for example). Thus some ideas below how we might pay for such;

  1. Commercial Sponsorship. Do you know any potential commercial, business, philanthropic  contacts  Cari Amici
  2. Individual sponsorship. Sponsor a musician for £80, gift aid the donation. You will receive two complimentary tickets to the concert and your name will be included (should you wish)win the programme.
  3. Advertising space in  the programme. Commercial,services, art exhibitions, solicitors, hairdressers, portrait painters, plumbers photographers , airbnb etc
  4. Coffee mornings etc….target £80?
Would you like to take responsibility for one ?
A demain

Amici preparations for the autumn term

Cari Amici,

Greetings from France after a lovely period of work and play including a short tour by Canterbury Winds performing music by amongst others, Mozart, Krommer and Sullivan. Aware  that we begin our rehearsals for November 11 concert on September 13 in a little under four weeks time. As such we will be revising and learning consistently over the ten week period ensuring a wonderful, confidently assured performance.
A warm welcome is extended to every one to sing in this concert  which falls on Remembrance Day and will be marked by our wearing poppies and by cementing our new relationship with RBLI at Ayelsford, Maidstone. (More about this in a later paragraph.)I would like each rehearsal to be as fully attended as possible but understand if some of you have booked Autumn breaks and will be away …. (we will  want to do the same in future!)
On Wednesday 13 September we will rehearse;
Mozart VII.  Agnus  Dei and VIII. Communio
Jenkins. Benedictus
and revise
Jenkins. Figure K p.120 God shall wipe away all tears
I want us to be able to sing this final chorus from memory and will be returning to it at each rehearsal.
Ben will be sending links to Choral Line etc for you to rehearse in advance of each rehearsal.
Lastly with legacy in mind, I would be happy to receive suggestions on an extended committee structure for Amici that ensures we continue both as part of the CCT family but have independence too, preparing for alternative direction in the future ( a few years hence!) and helping  raise funds for concerts,  such as our next, which are expensive. Please do contact me by e mail if you have ideas…they are most welcome.(
More news to follow. Meanwhile a bientôt!


If you have not already purchased the scores for the autumn term you will need to purchase them yourselves.  Please be careful to buy the correct edition.

Mozart – Requiem, published by Barenreiter. ISBN 979 0 006 45015 2
This can be purchased from Choraline for £7 less our 10% discount using the code “CANTERBURY”. Here is the link.

The Armed Man , a mass for peace – by Karl Jenkins, published by Boosey and Hawes. ISBN 978-0851624686 (ISMN 979 0 060 11545 5)
This costs £18.50 (less 10%) from Choraline but only £12.99 from Amazon.

Scores can also be purchased from Crowthers of Canterbury, 1 The Borough, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2DR

Rehearsal Aids

You can find details about rehearsal aids on the resources page of this website – click here.

Amici message from Grenville

Cari Amici,
Every good wish for a wonderful concert this evening and so looking forward to our first rehearsal together in September.

An update on Amelia.
Delighted to report that she has been discharged from hospital and now in her new home in Staplehurst, adjusting to the new regime of medication prescribed by the wonderful team from Pembury, Tunbridge Wells Hospital. With careful attention to all that is around her ( pollen, perfumes, nuts et al) and with Epi pens at the ready, they expect that she will be able to be engaged with the community at large within a week or so. Great news after a very difficult three weeks, her recovery encouraged and helped by your very great support. Thank you!


Amelia Rose Hamilton

Dear all,

Many of you know that Amelia has been desperately ill in hospital for the past two weeks, so expertly and lovingly cared for by the nurses and doctors at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Pembury. Whilst no longer in the ICU she is now facing another challenge in that her immune system is no longer working and she continues to suffer hyperallergic reactions to everything around her. A bone marrow transplant may be an option in her recovery over the next few days and weeks.

What is helping her recovery is the stream of messages, texts and cards, received from you, the recordings and songs, the reassurance that you are caring through singing and she has asked me to ensure you are thanked for all your love and best wishes. Thank you.

With all best wishes



Hi all,

Maggie read a message from Grenville about Amelia at this evening’s rehearsal and the choir were
keen to send their best wishes. We recorded a message for Amelia and which has been uploaded it to Dropbox.
Here is the link – perhaps you can send it on to whoever might be able to share it with Amelia?

many thanks

Amici Concert November 11th

Cari Amici

Greetings from a very warm France (to a very warm England !) prior to a short return to Kent (Stour Festival et al). I know that you are continuing to work very hard for Kerry in preparation for the concert now not too distant!

I am confirming all details for the Autumn term and for the concert of Mozart and Jenkins in the Colyer Fergusson Hall on November 11.

The rehearsals for this concert are as follows;

Wednesday September 13, 20 , 27
Wednesday October 4,11,18,25
Wednesday November 1, 8,
Friday November 10

Saturday November 11
Seating rehearsal 11.30 Colyer Fergusson Hall
Orchestral rehearsal 14.00
Chorus and Orchestra 15.00-17.30

Performance 19.30

Orchestra 2012
Leader Stelios Chatziiosifidis
Rebecca Hunt soprano
Jenni Brisk mezzo
Robin Whitehouse tenor
Kieran Seymour bass
Muezzin Salah Bouzekria

Rehearsals resume
Wednesday November 15
Wednesday November 22 Dutch trip singers only
Leiden 24/26 November
Wednesday 29th November Tutti Amici
Wednesday December 6,13,20

I am looking forward very much to the rehearsal and performance of these two wonderful works and must impress on the need for full attendance at each and every rehearsal.

Sending very best wishes

A bientôt

Message from Grenville to Amici and Monday Music

Dear Monday Music, Cari Amici,
The end of a momentous week of music making is in sight before a short break for you and a slightly longer one for me! My thanks to every one for such hard work and dedication to choral singing in so many different genres these last months. Amici's  whole hearted embrace of Mozart  Requiem and Jenkins Armed Man  promises a great concert in November. Last Wednesday's final rehearsal, attended by friends and partners, resulted in receiving some lovely comments about Amici, reflecting not only the quality of music making but also the warmth of welcome and the caring atmosphere.
Monday Music similarly demonstrated both theses elements of CCT as  one of the selected singing groups to appear at the Shirley Hall on Saturday April 8th as  part of Top Choir Kent, organised  by Canterbury Rotary Club for the tenth successful year. Monday Music was the first group to appear and sang wonderfully! The audience were enthralled, the organisers  complimentary and the Trust the recipient of a cheque for £200.
Next day April 9th, the start of this weeks Bach Journey with a moving  performance of the Mass in B Minor at Colyer Fergusson, given by Canterbury Cantata and Camereta leading to the concluding performance on Saturday 15th , of Bach St John Passion (17.00. St Eanswythe's Church Folkestone) There are a few tickets left to hear this extraordinary drama in music and in so doing, begin your Easter holyday.
With every best wish

Monday Music and Skylarks

Cari Amici,
I am delighted to report that Monday Music contributed wonderfully to the concert that was given in St Peter's Methodist Church on Saturday last, April 1. The concert shared with Lemon Zingers and the Swedish Ume Pop Choir was a really uplifting celebration through singing and demonstrated wonderfully our strap line caring through singing.
The event was to help raise funds for The Kelly Turner Fund, ( see The concert raised over £850.
So too tomorrow at 14.00 , St Paul's Church, April 4th when  Canterbury Skylarks ,joined by some members of Pimlico and Medway Skylarks will commemorate the two hundred year anniversary of James Parkinson identifying the condition, and sing to raise funds for Parkinsons UK.  Do come and support them, bring a cake maybe,  help the research and change attitudes to Parkinson's.
All best wishes

Amici Rehearsal March 15th

Cari Amici,

Looking forward to tomorrows rehearsal when Mozart and Jenkins will be the focus of attention. As I suggested last week there remains only eleven rehearsals devoted to these two works prior to the performance on November 11 and it is essential that everyone wishing to sing is aware of this!! It will be a memorable occasion.

A reminder too of the recital by Trevor Pinnock on Thursday in St Gregory’s Centre for Music as part of the Canterbury Music Club 75th anniversary.Arguably one of the greatest musicians of our age, Trevor Pinnock will be joined by Jonathan Manson in a programme of the three three sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord by J. S. Bach, interspersed with harpsichord solos by Couperin and St Colombe. Tickets available on the web site or at the door…but early arrival recommended to ensure a seat.

Look forward to making music tomorrow.

Best wishes