Information for concert and Leiden

Concert on November 11th

Please will everyone make sure they have all music marked clearly ready for the concert and bring a pencil to all rehearsals for last minute directions etc., and also a clear name of owner, there are always stray copies and they will find their way back to you better if named.
Poppies will be for sale to choir members at the Colyer Furgesson at the rehearsal, price £5.00, going to the Poppy Appeal.
Please will everyone be helpful with chairs both setting out and putting away.
Those supplying sandwiches will need to label them please, best done on outside of clingfilm wrap or on outside of sandwich bag.
Be aware that sandwiches must be wrapped for hygiene reasons and for ease of handling, being able to see through the wrap will be useful!

Leiden travellers

Music should come in a printed booklet, but still find the Vivaldi Gloria and have it ready to use, this will reduce printing costs considerably.
Dress is the same as concert on 11th Nov.
It now seems that Saturday mornings rehearsal with the Dutch choir Excelsior will be at 10.00 followed by lunch, which they appear to be providing for us. If that changes I will let you know.
Travel arrangements still require a very early start from Canterbury, please make arrangements so as not to be late.
Please also have your passport and any medicines you may need, in your hand luggage and not in the coach's hold, which will be inaccessible throughout travelling.
You should also have a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport, should the worst happen and you mislay it while away. The copy will ease the way when we go through officialdom.
Enjoy, enjoy, both the concert and the trip should be wonderful experiences, we are such lucky people to able to do such ambitious things, regards Anthea

Update regarding Amici arrangements for next term

Amici members and newcomers please note, if you have rehearsals which you can’t attend because of pre arranged commitments, or sudden family happenings, of course we won’t exclude you from the concert.
What is intended is that you inform us of any absence please, via Vicky or singing part reps.

What Gren wants to encourage is as full attendance as possible, please. The concert will be very demanding and will be a big occasion for us all. Regards Anthea

Also…the purchase of term or annual subscriptions is now available online. It would really make the administration of Amici subscriptions much easier for us if you could purchase your subscription before the end of the first week of term. The sooner the better! There is a small discount on subscriptions purchased before 20th September – this shows up as a “sale” price in the online shop.

If you want to pay by cheque, please use the online system to register your payment, click on “Check Payments” on the Checkout page, then bring your cheque made out to the Canterbury Cantata Trust to the first or second rehearsal. This will be a great help to us.

Amici arrangements for next term

Hello Amici and welcome to the run up to what will be a busy and exciting term.

CONCERT and rehearsal dates have already been circulated, and fine tuning of arrangements will be done once we are all back together and singing. Essentially whether you are already a member or joining us, you need to know that you can only miss one rehearsal before the concert and be able to perform with us. It will be a huge occasion and it is essential we all know the score and directions perfectly.
TICKETS for the concert will be £15.00, with concessions for students only under 18.

SUBSCRIPTIONS will not increase for the 2017-2018 season.
Payment arrangements are as follows. If you wish to pay for the whole season till July, you will be charged the rate of £70.00 for payments completed by September 20th, either online or by cheque payable to Canterbury Cantata Trust.
Payments after 20th September for the whole season will be charged at £75.00.

If you prefer to pay termly, payments made by 20th September, online or as a cheque will be charged at the reduced rate of £24.00. After 20th September charges will be £25.00.
It is essential that all payments be made as soon as possible.

We will continue to use PayPal for online payments. You do not need to have a PayPal account.  You can simply use your own credit card or specify that you will be paying by cheque ("check" in PayPal's American spelling) at the bottom of the checkout page.

If you are paying by cheque, please use the online system to register your payment.  By doing this you will greatly help us in our book-keeping and tracking of payments. This will also be enable you to view your order online. 

TRIP TO NETHERLANDS. There will be similar arrangements for payments for Leiden. A deadline date will be published very soon. A reminder that full payment is £200.00. If you have already paid a deposit of £50.00 the remainder will be £150.00. There is a single room supplement of £60.00, but there will be a chance for people who might like to share a room, to meet up and see what could be arranged. Payments will be possible online or by cheque by the given date. Anyone who now wants to pull out or who misses the date will be replaced by those on the waiting list. This will also allow return of deposits as long as the place is filled.

POPPIES - These need to come in by 27th September so that we have time to organise how we are going to sell many as possible please.

Guide Dogs have now received a cheque for £610.0. It seems that this is a handsome sum, but not enough for us to 'name' a dog. We can however sponsor a puppy or two and I will come back to you with more information. Well done everyone for such a fun evening and such a brilliant outcome.

Finally Maggie Holt and Anthea Daniels are part of a 10 artist exhibition in Hythe see poster. Look forward to seeing you all in good voice for next term, Anthea

The Amici concert – fund raising success

Dear Amici,

Thanks so much for such enthusiasm at the concert. A wonderful team effort and much enjoyed by audience too.

Thanks to the short talk on Guidedogs by Jo Pick, and to Charlotte and Athena sitting at the door, we managed to raise enough money to send a little over £600.00 to Guidedogs. Wonderful result and much more that I hoped.
This allows us to name a puppy, and of course hear of its progress. Discussions needed for a name as they name litters alphabetically and we will need to wait to get a letter to think on. Have a good summer and keep an eye on the website and emails for arrangements for next term and for payments for Lieden trip.

Regards Anthea

Concert 5th July Wednesday

1. If you are helping with refreshments or chairs please be in church from 4.15 and be prepared to work as teams so that we are ready on time.

2. We need 6 punch bowls with serving ladles, please email me if you can supply one or many and I will confirm we need yours!

3. Schedule

4.15 Arrive to help
5.00 begin rehearsals
6.30 Concert begins

There will be a break at the end of the rehearsal

4. Dress code is colourful and celebrating summer.....feel free!

5. Choir and audience will need to make a contribution towards costs plus we hope to make a donation to Guide Dogs. Minimum £3.50, which is a bargain and will cover costs.

Most importantly, come along and enjoy the splendid work that Kerry and Stephan have done with us this term, and allowed us to work with such enthusiasm in the very best spirit of Amici.

Also, for your diary:

City of Canterbury Chamber Choir

A Choral Celebration. Bach motets and British choral works. 2nd July, St Gregory and St Martin, Wye 6.30. Conductor George Vass. Tickets £10.00

The Big Friendly Sing - Messiah

16th September in Cathedral, whole day from 10.00. Led by David Flood, Organist and Master of Choristers. During the day, working with soloists, refreshments tea coffee cake in the Chapter House. Performance 18.00, £tickets for audience £10.00. Book by 1st September. Leaflets available at back of St Pauls.

Love Anthea

Amici concert on July 5th

Dear all,

I need to know who is singing in the choir on concert night and which voice you sing, so that the right number of chairs can be set out. The 28th is the last chance to give me that information. If anyone knows someone who does want to sing in the concert, but is away at present please tell me.

I also need numbers of guests each member expects to bring on the night. Important for Pimm’s purchasing!

This week Vicky is away so it will be me doing register, can everyone be ready with information on concert, voice and guests. I will highlight columns you need to fill.

Thank you all, look forward to seeing you wednesday, Anthea

Online payment of Amici membership subscriptions

Subscriptions for this term should be paid by the end of January. If you have a real problem with this please speak to Vicky or me.
Payment should be made online if possible. Full instructions are now on the ‘shop’ page, which are easy to follow. Even I could do it first time!
If you cannot pay online please hand me a cheque, made payable to Canterbury Cantata Trust, in an envelope with your name clearly on it. Cheque payments must be completed by the end of January please.
Scores can still be paid this term by cash or cheque.
Happy New Year! Anthea