Information for concert and Leiden

Concert on November 11th

Please will everyone make sure they have all music marked clearly ready for the concert and bring a pencil to all rehearsals for last minute directions etc., and also a clear name of owner, there are always stray copies and they will find their way back to you better if named.
Poppies will be for sale to choir members at the Colyer Furgesson at the rehearsal, price £5.00, going to the Poppy Appeal.
Please will everyone be helpful with chairs both setting out and putting away.
Those supplying sandwiches will need to label them please, best done on outside of clingfilm wrap or on outside of sandwich bag.
Be aware that sandwiches must be wrapped for hygiene reasons and for ease of handling, being able to see through the wrap will be useful!

Leiden travellers

Music should come in a printed booklet, but still find the Vivaldi Gloria and have it ready to use, this will reduce printing costs considerably.
Dress is the same as concert on 11th Nov.
It now seems that Saturday mornings rehearsal with the Dutch choir Excelsior will be at 10.00 followed by lunch, which they appear to be providing for us. If that changes I will let you know.
Travel arrangements still require a very early start from Canterbury, please make arrangements so as not to be late.
Please also have your passport and any medicines you may need, in your hand luggage and not in the coach's hold, which will be inaccessible throughout travelling.
You should also have a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport, should the worst happen and you mislay it while away. The copy will ease the way when we go through officialdom.
Enjoy, enjoy, both the concert and the trip should be wonderful experiences, we are such lucky people to able to do such ambitious things, regards Anthea
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