Information for concert and Leiden

Concert on November 11th

Please will everyone make sure they have all music marked clearly ready for the concert and bring a pencil to all rehearsals for last minute directions etc., and also a clear name of owner, there are always stray copies and they will find their way back to you better if named.
Poppies will be for sale to choir members at the Colyer Furgesson at the rehearsal, price £5.00, going to the Poppy Appeal.
Please will everyone be helpful with chairs both setting out and putting away.
Those supplying sandwiches will need to label them please, best done on outside of clingfilm wrap or on outside of sandwich bag.
Be aware that sandwiches must be wrapped for hygiene reasons and for ease of handling, being able to see through the wrap will be useful!

Leiden travellers

Music should come in a printed booklet, but still find the Vivaldi Gloria and have it ready to use, this will reduce printing costs considerably.
Dress is the same as concert on 11th Nov.
It now seems that Saturday mornings rehearsal with the Dutch choir Excelsior will be at 10.00 followed by lunch, which they appear to be providing for us. If that changes I will let you know.
Travel arrangements still require a very early start from Canterbury, please make arrangements so as not to be late.
Please also have your passport and any medicines you may need, in your hand luggage and not in the coach's hold, which will be inaccessible throughout travelling.
You should also have a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport, should the worst happen and you mislay it while away. The copy will ease the way when we go through officialdom.
Enjoy, enjoy, both the concert and the trip should be wonderful experiences, we are such lucky people to able to do such ambitious things, regards Anthea

Mendelssohn’s Elijah on Tuesday Oct 24th

The Medics and Scientists Music Ensemble and Friends, are performing Mendelssohn’s Elijah in the Quire of Canterbury Cathedral on Tuesday the 24th of October at 7.30 p.m. Our conductor will be Ralph Allwood MBE. This is a free concert, but we will be collecting donations for Children in Need, to support child victims of war.

We are a fairly small group, including several members of Amici and we have been rehearsing since February. It would be wonderful to see you there.

Best wishes,

Ruth Denton

Leiden trip information

Re the Leiden trip there are one or two things to sort out:

1. Two people have cancelled and unless we fill their places they will not get their money back ... if you would like to join us please let Maggie know as soon as possible.  Please note that there are  two places vacant but only one room ... so you must be willing to share a twin room.

2.The information sheet for the Leiden trip can be viewed and downloaded by clicking this link.

3. Please can Leiden people take a photocopy of their passports which they should take with them but keep in a separate bag ... this will make it easier if passports get lost.

4. The hotel and our Dutch friends need to know in advance if anybody has special dietary requirements (eg Vegetarian, gluten free etc.) - please inform Maggie

Amici rehearsal notes

Cari Amici,

Another excellent rehearsal last Wednesday and looking forward to the next on Wednesday 11th October.

We spent good quality rehearsal time improving phrasing and diction. It is difficult to over emphasize the need to sound all word endings whether a syllable or sibilant clearly…an s or t sound for instance need to be engaged with fully….always pushing the sound of the letter against the next beat of the bar we are in.

Rex Tremendae

A good example is the x  in Rex of  No 3 Rex Tremendae.  The sound needs to be very full, occupying the whole duration of the crotchet but finishing precisely, clearly and accurately. 
Please enjoy the dialogue between parts. Bar 7 alti answered by soprani , tenors by basses. Bar 11.
The R of Rex must be rolled each and every time we sing it.
Big contrast in dynamic at bar 18…needing lots of support to ensure a piano  sound. Basses listen to the F of the alti to pitch your Salve Me.  Lat three bars very quiet, confident, full sound to create  the cadence with a full length crotchet.

Dies Irae

To be sung with great passion and  strength in the knowledge that the meaning of the text is :

The day of wrath, that day will dissolve the world in ashes,
David being witness along with the Sibyl
How great will be the quaking,
when the Judge will come,
investigating everything strictly.

Please make sure your copies are marked with a crescendo/diminuendo b.42 , 43,44, and again 46/48. 


As  enfatico as possible in no 9 . Soprano rhythm bar 19 careful…I missed your reversing quaver/semi quaver rhythm…and tutti triplet Thou- sands  achieves a relaxed feel to the word.

Good singing of the last Chorale…maintaining pitch really well.

The Translation of no 1 The Armed Man is

The armed man should be feared.
Everywhere it has been proclaimed
That each man shall arm himself
With a coat of iron mail.
The armed man should be feared.


I am indebted to Stephanie Brunton for producing another beautiful poster (attached). It is quite wonderful and now we all have to do our bit and promote the concert. Two ticket sales for each Amici member will guarantee the hall half full! Here it is:


Click here to download the poster.


Sunday 15th October  Retorica

A wonderful  opening recital to the Sixth Bayle Music season to be given by  the violin duo Retorica Harriet Mackenzie and Phillipa Mo. They are staggering virtuosic players whom I met for the first time two years ago at Aldeburgh. The programme is exciting very exciting with music by Bach, Prokovief, Telemann and others. The concert is at 15.30 in the beautiful St Eanswthe's church, The Bayle , Folkestone CT20 1SW.

Why not have a morning taking in the Triennial exhibits (some marvellous responses to the title On The Edge  including the two serene Gormley figures seen at half/low tide). Extremely good independent  eating places …sea food on the harbour, Beanies Vegetarian restaurant Tontine Street, a wealth of tastes on newly restored Harbour Arm .  


Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder  it affects the  choral experience. Copies are being marked, scores are becoming familiar with good ensemble. A few uninformed absences l can prejudice the great performance we are striving for.


Monday Music update from Grenville

Monday Music

A reminder that there is NO Monday Music on Monday October 9. The next MM will be on Monday 16th October.

​​Changes ahead!

The format of Monday Music will change from Monday 16th. I will be joined by friend David Jones an extraordinary musician whose keyboard skills are legendary. David will play piano with us and we will begin to learn a new repertoire of songs both in unison and in parts and work to develop our harmonies. Thus Monday Music will remain as a physical, mental and spiritual work out of one hour but be even more demanding as we build our repertoire!

As we move in this direction Canterbury Cantata Trust (CCT) will provide new folders which will be allocated to every member. They will be inscribed with Monday Music and will remain the property of CCT and be the repository for new materials.

A reminder that we will be giving a Christmas performance on Monday December 18th to friends and family at 11.00 . It will be necessary to arrive for a warm up and to be seated at 10.00.

Looking forward to the next stage of Monday Music history on Monday October 16.


Canterbury Festival flash mob cancelled

Looking forward to the next rehearsal and still encouraging orchestral players sponsorship.

A message below from Ellen Pearson cancelling the flash mob event as part of Canterbury Festival opening.


Thank you so much for your continued commitment to the event – however unfortunately the flash mob is postponed due to a limited level of participation ! (Nothing to do with The Amici Chorus of course) and therefore the Amici Chorus needn’t learn the score at this moment – but I’m so thankful for the generosity of your members in volunteering to be part of the event.
Hopefully, Canterbury festival will be able to collaborate with Amici at a later date!
Many thanks again for your help and the welcoming nature of the singers in your ensemble,
Best wishes,
Ellen Pearson