Amici Christmas Message

Cari Amici,

The Amici Chorus celebration concert on Wednesday last, the shortest day of the year, lightened the darkness of a troubled world. Your singing was energetic, full of passion,  with clear diction  and assured and a balance of voices. All in all it was a triumph and I thank you very much for working so hard throughout the term embracing such challenging music with increasing confidence and assurance. Thank you! 

Thank you also for the help offered by the Amici committee throughout the term and the hard working band of helpers who prepared the church, sourced and served the refreshments and cleared up after every one had left. Similarly how wonderful that all the solo parts were sung so beautifully by members of Amici and Cantata …many thanks to Ruth, Amelia, Emily, Tony and Dirk.

The quality of music making is of course special but what is even more is the sense of community and sharing which characterises Amici. Both elements were recognised by audience members who have been in touch, offering comments such as;

Thank you for a truly wonderful evening which was inspiring and uplifting….

Thank you Amici for the start of a very special Christmas tide….

Your music was for me the essence of Christmas. The Bach testament to his and my faith……

What an extraordinary evening! Beautiful music making with a great choir and superb orchestra……….

And from Amelia the following:
(Amelia suffers from EDS …Ehlers Danlos Syndrome an extremely painful and debilitating degenerative condition )

Singing with Amici singers last night put me on a high for the rest of the night and all of today; I can quite literally feel the endorphins raging and honestly say that singing regularly the last 2 weeks has put every difficult and unbearable feeling of worthlessness and pain to one side. I can take a deep breath and say, “it’s all going to be OK!” The word community has never felt as apt; at each phrase it felt as though we breathed as one voice, as one person, as one set of lungs and each emotion was shared and amplified by the joy and love of the person next to us. 

I can’t count the amount of smiles and hugs I got alone last night, so multiply that by each person in the choir and we practically have a singing AND mental health care revolution! Personally, I not only feel revitalised and overwhelmingly inspired, so much so that I was awake until 5am feeling excited about everything I wanted to accomplish, but also well! It didn’t matter for those hours that I was in lots of pain, that my body wanted to give in; my mind was alive, vamped, enriched by the experience of singing with everyone. 

On the way home I cried whilst I laughed because it didn’t matter how much pain I was in or how how bad I’d been feeling because of this; the singing had given me a boost of happiness and the fight to keep on going. I often get so tearful having to be helped to wash my hair at night, get dressed or brush my own hair even though at different times in the day I can still walk and occasionally even jog, but the last two weeks singing has gotten me through very difficult times. This is a very selfish record of just how much singing has helped me, but last night every single person’s face was alight, was bright, was smiling, was happy, was pumped and to just listen to what people felt after we had finished performing was an emotional experience; not only were people excited, proud and full of energy they were totally enlivened by the beautiful audience response! In my 25 years I can honestly say I don’t remember ever seeing that many people singing at once, both choir and audience. If that doesn’t say community spirit to you, I don’t know what does! We are a community because we sing together. We’re a community because we smile together, breath with the music together, come together from different backgrounds, different walks of life and different experiences. That’s what a community is. We are Amici Singers and we are a beautiful community. 

Amelia-Rose Hamilton

We will meet next  on January 11 and you will sing in public again on January 21 along with other ensembles of Canterbury Cantata Trust ( 12.30  Colyer Fergusson Hall with performance at 15.00).  

The Trust AGM will be held on Wednesday January 25th at 7.45 and will include an update from the chair and the treasurer.

With love and best wishes to you all for Christmas.


Cantata Trust AGM 25 January 2017

The Trust’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 25th January from 7pm-7.30pm at St Paul’s Church, Canterbury. (Slightly shorter Amici Chorus and Canterbury Cantata rehearsals either side to accommodate.) The agenda  (full agenda to be confirmed) will include:

  • Chair’s report
  • Financial summary
  • Plans for 2017

All members are welcome and we hope you’ll be able to attend.

Arrangements for the Amici concert on December 21st

Cari Amici,

A splendid rehearsal last Wednesday and looking forward to this week when we will work again in great detail  for a stunning performance on 21st.

Wednesday 21st. We will need a team of helpers to set up the church in advance of the rehearsal 

The timetable will be;

Performance at 19.30

Lord Mayor of Canterbury arrives 19.20

Doors open for audience at 19.05

Orchestra/choral rehearsal 17.45  

Orchestra rehearses 17.30

Helping team arrives 16.30


Vivaldi Gloria

Christopher Gower    Kings and Shepherds 

Cantata  Poulenc  Quem Vidistis   Whitacre  Lux Arumque  Christopher Gower  Kings and Shepherds 

Bach  Christmas Oratorio   Part 1 


     This is just a quick reminder this weeks Canterbury Music Club concert  at 7.45 pm in St Gregory’s Centre for Music on Thursday 15th, when we shall have the privilege of hearing the exceptional musicianship of the Kosmos Ensemble.

    Twice winners of ‘Selected Artists’ by the Making Music organisation, the internationally acclaimed group is re-defining the relationship between classical and world music.  United by a shared passion for improvisation, music from around the globe as well as the rigours of classical training, each member brings individual flavour to the group. 

    The musicians are soloists in their own right: Harriet Mackenzie is an international concerto soloist and chamber musician with a particular interest in contemporary music; Meg Hamilton is a unique viola player specialising in world and folk music styles including Celtic, Romanian, Greek and Middle-Eastern music; Milos Milivojevic is an international competition winner on the classical accordion with a passion for tango and Balkan music. 

    Tickets  £15, either on the door, or preferably through: . .  CAVATINA Free Ticket scheme is available for young people aged 8 to 25.


A magnificent performance of Handel Messiah guaranteed from Cantata on Saturday, December 17, 19.30 at St Peter’s Methodist Church. A standing ovation yesterday at the performance in Folkestone attended  amongst others by seven Kentish  town mayors. The only  performance of Messiah in Canterbury this December. Tickets from Cantata members, or at the door..£12.00.


Monday Music Beaney concert and information for next term

Hi everybody

Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas!

Grenville has sent out the dates for 2017 and these are as follows for next term:

January   9, 16, 23, 30
February 6, 20, 27
March.    6, 13, 20, 27
April.      17, 24

The cost stays the same at £2.50 per session and it will be £32.50 for the whole term.  The CCT committee would like to encourage everyone next year to pay for the whole term if possible rather than weekly,  as it is much better not to have so much cash to handle for Monday Music and Amici choir.  There will also be the facility for you to pay on line from the new year.  You will be able to access this on the new Canterbury Cantata Trust website  on the Monday Music section.  Of course we will still accept cash for weekly payment if that is the only way you can pay.  Online payments can be made by credit card. If you prefer not to pay online then as usual cheques need to be made out to Canterbury Cantata Trust. Weekly payments can only be made in cash.

As you know we will be singing at the Beaney next Monday 12th December, please try to arrive by 10.45 am.  Grenville has also added an extra day to our term so we will also be singing back at St Paul’s on the 19th December.

Finally I hope you all have a great Christmas and a really Happy New Year.

Best wishes